Monday, May 1, 2017

Friendly Swap


  1. love it!!!almost needs a 3rd cap but ending it like that works, we can just use our imagination as to how they ended

  2. I love it. funny, twisted very good story. A favorite plot of mine is when the wrong person is swapped 'back' . Love the touch that hew Alicison doeosn' want to share her body.
    Bye thw way doesn't mark notice anything even whenthey're doing something naughty?

    1. You know how dense guys can be. Allison is normal enough to not draw too much attention to her higher drive. And her amazing orgazms just convince Mark that he's improving as a lover.

  3. Cool story. I love the fact that they traded lives and don't want anyone to know. I wonder if the rings get used again?