Thursday, November 13, 2014

Long time coming

Today's Post represents the next chapter in a long on going series.  My very first caption I ever made soon turned into a series of caps about a shape shifter named David.  It has been posted on here in six parts.  It ended up at a point were I had no idea what to do with him any more.  Finally inspiration struck and the Shape Shifter's Return was born.  Again it ended with a lack of ideas.  Still enjoying the character and not ready to toss him aside, today's post started forming in my head.  I'd tell his origins.  It has taken several months to get all the pics and caps to look they way I wanted.  Its too bad I didn't think it through in the early days, or there would be more consistency, especially in "mom's" look.  And for any that care, or even notice, My appoligies for changing mom's name from Carol to Martha in the return series.

Thank you to all my visitors, followers, and especially those that take time out to comment and rate.  You make all this worth it.  I hope you all enjoy.

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