Thursday, July 3, 2014

Timmy the Babysitter


  1. One of your best!! I love this caption :)

  2. "... As she becomes more aware of the body she now inhabits, along with some of its memories seeping into the back of her mind, Joan notices an odd stiffening sensation in the tighty-withies she just pulled on.

    Before she can say a word, Timmy, now in her cute, curvy body is speaking into her cell phone, saying, "How my hunky guy feeling after seeing the piccy I just sent? ... Uh-uh, yeah. ....*ghigghlle* Reeallly!? Okay! No. He won't be any trouble. He'll be busy in his room after taking one of his dad's hidden magazines. See you in a bit, baby!"

    Joan found herself running to the parent's bedroom with the most urgent matter to attend to!

    And once Joan's boyfriend arrived, Timmy would get some attention to matters of his own!..."

    Sorry, Agate, sometimes I just have to share where a nice caption like this sends my thoughts! I hope you don't mind terribly!